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Incredible. So talented!


I feel so tired.
I’m tired of thinking.
I’m tired of being afraid.
I’m tired of being tired.
I’m tired at being angry at myself.
I’m tired of losing control.
I’m tired that I can’t see the way ahead.
I’m tired that I don’t know anymore.
What is happening to me.
I want to fall asleep.
Just for a day.
I want to let go of all my sorrows, my mistakes.
My lack of courage that’s slowing me down.
My self doubt. My worries. My lack of confidence.
They are doing nothing for me but harm.
Chiseling away at my core until I’m completely hollow.
Exposed by the cold, unsympathetic world.
Where worries thrive on my empty soul.
Washing away the joy.
Draining me of happiness.
And I cannot take hold.
I’m losing it all.
I don’t want to lose.
Please don’t take anything away from me.
I have become overwhelmed by expectations.
Expectations of myself.
Expectations of others.
And I feel like I cannot reach that goal.
It’s gone.
Can someone please help me?
I’m crying out.
But no one’s there.
There’s only me.
All alone.
Hunger for daylight.
Hunger for release.
From this desolate landscape.
I cannot stay here.
This is not where I belong.
I belong under the sunlight.
Not here.
I don’t want to be here anymore.
Take me away from this lonely place.
I’ve had enough.
I want to let go..
Of everything that has haunted me.
Never again.
Never again will I let myself be consumed by fear.
Never again will I let my heart bleed dry.
Never again will I fall without getting up.
I will find a way.
I will find the courage.
The courage that I lack.
I will seize the day.
And I will never let go.
I will never let go…


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